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The ACP Pro features some of Bauer’s best technology; AMP (Active Motion Protection) hip guards, Vent Armour Foam inserts, Thermo Core Liner, and a customizable 1 inch extension option to keep you at the top of your game.

Spine Protection
The Bauer Supreme ACP Pro girdle uses an independent spine protection piece. This separate section allows the spine protection to move fluidly with your body movements. It is also equipped with additional high-density foam to further protect the spinal region.

Hip & Kidney Protection
The ACP Pro girdle features Bauer’s AMP (Active Motion Protection) technology layered through the hip. This technology is designed to allow the girdle to have an exceptional amount of hip mobility. AMP sanctions the girdle to mimic your movements - meaning as your hips move, the girdle seamlessly moves as well. Additionally, the kidney region is equipped with a vented armour foam insert that is breathable, and offers protection in those susceptible softs spots impacts may happen in.