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Pro Shop Services


  • Skate sharpening (for $10.00 and more often than not, that same day)
  • We also offer a skate sharpening "card" that gets you 11 sharpens (for $90.00 no expiration date or physical card they are stored in our system for safe keeping!) 
  • Blade profiling (using ProSharp profiling machine - 1 time $50.00 charge - any alterations are on us!)
  • Skate rivet replacement (prices vary based on labour and parts)
  • Skate holder replacement & Inline - Ice conversions or vice versa (prices vary based on labour and parts)
  • Punching out and/or stretching skates (free)
  • Helmet parts, such as chin straps and screws (prices are quantity based)
  • Hockey & lax cage fitting and installation
  • Stick fitting & cutting (free)
  • Equipment cleaning ($36.75, most effective when equipment is completely dry & takes approximately an hour)
  • Skate heat-molding (free)
  • Lacrosse stick restringing ($20 base charge, plus mesh, sidewall and shooter strings used in process)

There's probably more we're forgetting about so if you don't see it here, give us a call at 780-417-7462 or drop in!

See more about profiling by following this link: