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  • EST 2004
  • Locally owned and operated

Midnight Madness Sale

Midnight madness sale is back on!!! Feb 24th

  • (coupon pick up only, no shopping Saturday night!! store will be closed)

The plan is to hand out coupons on February 24th, the later you pick up your coupon the better the savings! 

coupons will be useable for one purchase (for as many items as you want during the one purchase) during the following week (feb 26th-mar 2nd)

(example: CCM Tacks skates 20% off with a coupon from 10PM, or 60% off with a coupon from 2AM) Please note that this is just an example and does not reflect the sale.

Sale info released Monday

10 pm=

  • Sticks 15-50% off
  • Skates 15-35% off
  • Protective 15-40% off
  • Apparel 20-40% off
  • Lacrosse minimum 5% off
  • Baseball minimum 5% off

12 am=

  • sticks 20-50% off
  • skates 20-40% off
  • Protective 20-50% off
  • apparel up to 30-60% off
  • Lacrosse minimum 10% off
  • Baseball minimum 10% off

2 am=

  • sticks 25-50% off
  • skates 25-50% off
  • Protective 25-50% off
  • apparel up to 40-70% off
  • Lacrosse minimum 15% off
  • Baseball minimum 15% off

-more to come soon  

For more frequent updates or questions, check out our social media!

(same as last year for those who know)


excludes Bauer and ccm elite products

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