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May 2nd, 2017

Because of the weather delaying ball, we have decided to hold over our April Bat Special! Come take advantage of this awesome deal!


August 5th, 2016

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June 5th, 2016

With all the hard work you put in over the season, it begins to show itself in the form of hidden build up on all your gear. Even the most diligent cleaning a home can’t seem to get perfectly clean.

Our large onsite cleaning chamber can get the most minute traces of dirt and sweat and restore your hockey equipment back to its best, sans odor!  It’s a simple drop of and pickup, taking little time from your schedule with a high quality end result.

The Sani Sport process is perfectly suited for cleaning hockey equipment. The machine significantly reduce harmful bacteria and odors while they clean hockey gear without compromising the quality of your equipment.

Over 27 professional NHL Teams use the Sani Sport to clean their NHL equipment and to help reduce the risk of their athletes contracting serious infections. Sani Sport is used by Hockey teams at every level, arenas, skating rinks and sports shops around the world.

The Sani Sport machine will reduce bacteria, remove odors and clean hockey gear, including:

– Hockey helmets
– Hockey gloves
– Elbow & shin pads
– Neck and chin guards
– Skates
– Pants
– Goalie pads

Come on in to our shop today and let the results show you how well it works!

For best results, remove all machine washable items like jerseys or socks, and bring in the rest of your gear after it has been dried out. With dry equipment the process will only take 1 hour and costs $35.00 plus tax! See you soon!

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June 5th, 2016

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